Candidate Selection Process

Finding the right person is hard work!  It involves effective advertising of your position to locate the qualified & experienced people you are interested in hiring.  To ensure a successful match we also conduct a thorough meticulous screening process to make sure you are happy with the candidates we submit.


We leave no stone unturned to find the right person for you!

  • We advertise your position with professional organizations & publications specializing in desired qualifications of the position.
  • We have an immense network of Human Resource professionals waiting to hear about your opportunity:
    • We launched the network in 1995.
    • We have thousands of contacts & candidates in all disciplines of Human Resources.

We can usually find a qualified candidate within 48 hours of receiving your posting!

Candidate Review & Screening:

We are NOT a resume clearing house.  We will NOT waste your time with unqualified candidates!

We conduct a thorough review of candidates including:

  • Meticulous resume screening.
  • Prescreening interviews.
  • Background checks if necessary.
  • We educate the candidate about your position, company, and logistical information.
  • Assess candidate interest in your position.

We submit only those candidates that pass our review.

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